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The Bomford family who started farming in 1954 began retail trade selling eggs and potatoes at their farm gate.

Hunscote Farm Shop, established 1980, is a family run business in Warwickshire supplying quality home grown and local produce to it's customers. We have a reputation for friendly service, attention to detail and the promise of affordable, fresh products.

We are widely renowned for the quality of our award winning home grown potatoes which we not only sell at the farm shop but also at the famous Wellesbourne market.

Our plant nursery is an expanding part of the business and each year the choice of quality plants increases. They are all raised from young seedlings and grown in Levingtons Professional compost with the addition of extra fertiliser which produces an extremely healthy plant. Because we grow them ourselves our customers are not expected to pay garden centre prices.

Cut out the middle man and pay a visit to Warwickshire's best kept secret, you'll be amazed at what you find....





























We understand that traceability is very important to our customers and we endeavour
to supply fresh, local Warwickshire produce whenever possible.
We  rear our own Free Range Lamb which can be purchased all year round. The Lambs are fattened on fodder beet which means the meat is sweet and tender.









We have a very loyal regular customer base who probably use our shop at least once or twice a week. They enjoy the friendly atmosphere and easy parking.
Because we stock such a large range of produce, much of which you will not find in your local supermarket, they know they are getting great quality products, from home made cakes and pies, made by a family member to rape seed oil from Stow on the Wold. 





We could not list every item in stock so why not visit our Farm Shop page where you will find some of the products our customers enjoy most.